ZMOT: The exact moment you reach a consumer

When and how to win the Zero Moment of Truth?ZMOT_cover.png

The Internet has changed the way we buy; instead of heading to the store and getting help from the salesperson, we like to do our own research first. Your consumers are doing that right now; they're at their Zero Moment of Truth, asking questions and looking for answers.

Is your brand answering those questions?

81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying (source: MineWhat). This means that brands have a unique chance of earning their consumers' trust and preference by simply being present in their Zero Moment of Truth.

Capturing the attention of your audience in this early stage of the buyer's journey increases the chances of your consumer choosing you over competition.

Here's what our FREE "Zero Moment of Truth" Ebook covers:

  • What exactly is the Zero Moment of Truth and why do you need it?
  • How did consumer behavior change in the past decade?
  • How can brands adjust their marketing efforts to the new consumer behavior trends?
  • 4 key steps to win your customers at the Zero Moment of Truth
  • and much more.

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